Laura Dwyer Schlecte's Record

Laura's one-of-a-kind personality and passion for approaching things from a different perspective is the key to her success as a community leader.

Some of Laura's accomplishments include:

  • Lead the push to make Louis Glick & Washington loop two ways.
  • Crafted the new City of Jackson Ethics Ordinance
  • Worked with MDOT to get art on the Cooper St. bridge
  • Facilitated Placemaking grant funds & projects
  • Connected the Health Department and Community Wellness Grant to Loomis Park
  • Holds regular Community Conversations with citizens and will continue to do so as Mayor
  • Working on activating the Amtrak station for community use
  • Developed the Artsy Fartsy marketplace and other pop-up events around Jackson
  • Created the Amazing Race to benefit the Fitness Council of Jackson
  • Participated in the Walkable Community Coalition including the Mayor's Challenge
  • Member of Cradle-to-Career Council
  • Organized the 2015 landlord Conference
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